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Our address

Russia, St Petersburg, Pavlovsk

Pavlovsk can be reached by a commuter train from the Vitebsk Terminal (27 km from St Petersburg; travel time - about 30 minutes) or the Kupchino metro station; or 479 bus from m. Zvezdnaya [map ff - 7].

The Main Gate entranceway to the Park is opposite the Pavlovsk Railway Station.

Buses Nos 280, 283, 283 а, 493 will take you from the station to the Great Palace.

Contact info:

DirectorPh. (812)470-21-55
Fax. (812)465-11-04
Science and restoration department(812)470-60-55
Excursions department(812)470-65-36
Accounts department(812)470-62-05
School of arts(812)470-62-14
Methodical department (812)470-61-55

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Open to visitors are the Palace ceremonial and living rooms (ground and first floors) and a display 19th-century Russian Interior Decoration for Living Quarters (second floor).

The Palace is closed on Friday.

Only the ceremonial rooms are open to visitors on Thursday.

The Palace also stays closed every first Monday of a month.

Admission hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ad hoc displays are run in the southern and northern wings.

Temporary summer-time expositions also function at the Dairy, Temple to Friendship, Pil-Towcr, Round Hall Pavilion and Cold Baths.

Guided tours of the Park grounds are offered. Athletic competitions, shows and festivals are held at the Stadium.

Cost of the entrance tickets in park:
For adult visitors - 1 $
For students and children - 0,5 $

Cost of the entrance tickets in palace:
For adult visitors - 6 $
For students - 3 $

Rooms of Maria Feodorovna
For foreign tourists - 3 $
For students -1,5 $

Excursion service:
The foreign tourists - 10 $

Photoshooting in the palace - 3 $
Videoshooting in the palace - 6 $.

The Rose pavilion.
Arenda for festivities - from 2000 $.
The entrance tickets:
For adult visitors - 3 $
For students - 1,5 $

Restaurants in Great Column Hall of the Pavlovsk Palace offer their services in organisation and carrying out of the lunches, dinners, fourchett (250 places).
tel/fax: +7(812)470-98-09;
e-mail: petervvm@infopro.spb.su,

For detailed information, please call +7(812)4702155, +7(812)4702156 and +7(812)4702216.

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