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The second mezzanine floor is home to the separate museum exhibition The english Residential Interior (19th-Early 20th Centuries). The main aim of the exhibition is to show the complex of objects that come together to form the furnishings of the interior. This includes furniture, works of decorative and applied art, sculptures and objects of everyday life dating from that period, without which it is impossible to imagine the residential interior. The exhibition also attempts to illustrate the stylistical evolution of the english interior over the entire course of the nineteenth century. The resulting exposition was created after a painstaking study of the wide iconographic material, archive documents and extensive memoir literature.

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The Maple Drawing Room, 1900s (191 Kb)

The Maple drawing room. 1900sAt the end of the nineteenth century, the whole of Europe was swept by a new artistic style - Art Nouveau (known in Russia as Style Moderne). The new style combined the aesthetical and artistic results of new experiments in creativity with the practical side of life. One of the main principles of Art Nouveau was the creation of the interior in the form of a stylistically integral unit of architecture and applied art. The originality of the new style lay in its use of sinuous lines, stylized plant motifs, new materials and starting combination of transformed oriental and medieval motifs. The whimsical forms of Art Nouveau furniture and its free and unfettered arrangement can be seen in the Maple Drawing Room.

The Maple drawing room. 1900sThe panels of the walls and the suite of furniture were manufactured from water-seasoned maple wood (F. Meltzer Factory, St Petersburg, 1900s). The vases on the panel shelves are made of multi-layer stained glass (E. Galle workshops, Nancy, France, early 20th century). An interesting specimen of furniture is the walnut sideboard and decorative plate (E. Galle (?) workshops, France). The fireplace is made of water-seasoned maple, tiles and bronze (St Petersburg, early 20th century) and supports the bust of a girl (L. van Weidefeldt, bronze, 1900). The paintings on exhibition are Moscow. Alley of Neskuchny Garden and Lilac and Apple Trees in BLossesom. The Crimea (L. Krachkovsky, 1896, 1900), Morning over a Lake (Y. Volkov, 1896), Spanish Woman Dictating to an Old Man (J. Galegos, 1899) and Grandmother's Tales (K. Makovsky, 1900). There is a patterned wooden table in front of the fireplace.


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