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The Pavlovsk Palace
  The Palace Rooms»
The Interior museum

The Palace Rooms:

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The Main Staircase (138 Kb)

The Main StaircaseThe decorative finish of the Main Staircase was completed circa 1789 by Vincenzo Brenna in volumes originally established by Charles Cameron. Of interest are the naturally developing flights of stairs beyond the arch leading out of the vestibule. The lion masks along the right-hand side appear to have been executed by Ivan Prokofiev (two survive in the original). The design on the wall at the point of ascent onto the first steps was made in 1804 by D.-B. Scotti (wartime Losseses have been restored). The overhead ceiling was painted by Carlo Scotti after a design by Vincenzo Brenna (restored from photographs and Brenna's original sketch). From the late eighteenth century onwards, a chandelier hung over the top flight of stairs. It consisted of a wooden pivot with gilt iron branches and six glass lamps (Sestroretsk Armour Factory (?), 1786). A grandfather clock in a mahogany case with an eglomise finish (St Petersburg, 1790s) stands on the upper landing.


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