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The Pavlovsk Palace
  The Palace Rooms»
The Interior museum

The Palace Rooms:

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The Pantry was used to prepare food before serving it in the Throne Room, where state banquets were often held. The only furnishings mentioned in inventories are a glass lamp for four candles and curtains on the windows. Several services are currently on exhibition in the Pantry. Each service is of exceedingly high artistic merit and all have interesting histories, connected with Pavlovsk and its owners. The left cupboard has a Wedgwood faience service (England, late 18th century) that was made specially for the Old Chalet pavilion in the Pavlovsk Park. It has a printed design of agricultural implements. There is also a Wedgwood faience dinner service, made at the commission of Maria Feodorovna (England, circa 1820). The cupboard opposite has more English faience crockery, this time from the Spode pottery at Stoke-on-Trent. The central cupboard contains objects from the service created at the Imperial Porcelain Factory specially for the Rose Pavilion in the Pavlovsk Park in the early 1810s. The peculiarity of this service is the representation on every object of a rose bud from Redute's famous album of roses, kept prior to the revolution in Pavlovsk Palace. The name of each species was written beneath its representation.


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