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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna

The Park's constructions:


The Nikolaevsky GateIn accordance with the will of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna the iron Nikolaevsky Gate was erected in 1826 by Carlo Rossi. It was aimed to forestall the panorama of the Pavlovsk park and palace complex when approaching Pavlovsk by the Tsarskoe Selo road. Due to the strictness of Maria Feodorovna's order, the gate is built in a rather austere and at the same time pompous manner and is crowned with a heavy double-headed iron eagle. The gate was adjoined by a semicircular iron railing adorned with vases.

Nowadays visitors can enter the park either through the Marble Gate located on the opposite side of the railway station or through the Theatre Gate erected near the Great Palace.

the Theatre Gate the Marble Gate
The Theatre GateThe Marble Gate

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