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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


Павловский парк

  1. Rose Pavilion
  2. Three Graces Pavilion
  3. Apollo Colonnade
  4. Cold Baths Pavilion
  5. Aviary
  6. Dairy Pavilion
  7. Temple to Friendship
  8. Amphitheatre
  9. Peel Tower
  10. Mausoleum
  11. Fair Vale Pavilion
  12. Round Hall Pavilion
  13. Parents' Memorial
  14. Rossi Pavilion


The Dairy (521 Kb)

The DairyOn the northern side of the Triple Lime Alley, the park assumes the form of a forest tract with several winding lanes. Maria Feodorovna had the Dairy (Charles Cameron, 1782) built here, at the end of the stretch of forest. This was a small house in the guise of a simple Swiss cabin. Constructed from bricks, it was faced with unworked stone and covered with a thatched roof. Such buildings were common in the suburban parks of the European royalty before the French Revolution and represented a manifestation of sentimental moods. Here, distinguished guests were offered milk and other simple country fare of the type normally consumed by common people. A small byre for cows and sheep stood alongside the Dairy.


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