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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


Павловский парк

  1. Rose Pavilion
  2. Three Graces Pavilion
  3. Apollo Colonnade
  4. Cold Baths Pavilion
  5. Aviary
  6. Dairy Pavilion
  7. Temple to Friendship
  8. Amphitheatre
  9. Peel Tower
  10. Mausoleum
  11. Fair Vale Pavilion
  12. Round Hall Pavilion
  13. Parents' Memorial
  14. Rossi Pavilion


The Temple of Friendship (692 Kb)

The Temple of FriendshipThe Temple of Friendship was built by Charles Cameron in 1782. The clear, harmonic forms of the pavilion conjure up images of the architecture of Ancient Greece. The temple was dedicated to Catherine II and the super-imposed gilt letters "love, respect, gratitude" were inscribed over its doors (subsequently lost in the post-revolutionary period). Inside in a niche, opposite the entrance, stood a portrait statue of Catherine II, first as the goddess Minerva and then, after 1792, as Ceres (plaster figure made by J.-D. Rachette). Bas-relief medallions, also made by Rachette, were placed on the temple cella in the apertures between the columns. The medallions repeated four allegorical subjects dedicated to Catherine II. One depicts Catherine as the personification of Generosity, another as Minerva Victrix, a third portrays her conferring the deeds of ownership to Pavlovsk and in a fourth she symbolizes Equity. All characters are depicted without any attempt at portrait likeness. The statue in the interior was accidentally broken whilst work was being carried out inside the pavilion circa 1938. The Temple of Friendship was intended as a location for dinner parties and small concerts. A kitchen was built not far from it in imitation of ancient ruins.


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