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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


Павловский парк

  1. Rose Pavilion
  2. Three Graces Pavilion
  3. Apollo Colonnade
  4. Cold Baths Pavilion
  5. Aviary
  6. Dairy Pavilion
  7. Temple to Friendship
  8. Amphitheatre
  9. Peel Tower
  10. Mausoleum
  11. Fair Vale Pavilion
  12. Round Hall Pavilion
  13. Parents' Memorial
  14. Rossi Pavilion


The Amphitheatre (622 Kb)

The AmphitheatreAn Amphitheatre (1793) was laid by Vincenzo Brenna at the end of the eighteenth century. Amphitheatres were the names given to the specific garden ornaments in eighteenth and nineteenth century parks that employed motifs of ancient theatres or stadia. Brenna placed the Pavlovsk Amphitheatre along both sides of the river. On the right bank stood the Stone Amphitheatre, actually in the shape of a miniature Greek theatre, with seats for viewers arranged in rings. The Earth Amphitheatre was built on the opposite left bank of the river. This was a row of earthen terraces and steps, with wings of greenery. Theatrical performances could be held here, before the public sitting in the Stone Amphitheatre. The center of the Stone Amphitheatre was adorned with a white marble statue, usually called Flora on account of its resemblance to its ancient prototype. Judging by the wreath of corn ears in the hair, however, it seems more likely to have been Ceres, goddess of agriculture.


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