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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


Павловский парк

  1. Rose Pavilion
  2. Three Graces Pavilion
  3. Apollo Colonnade
  4. Cold Baths Pavilion
  5. Aviary
  6. Dairy Pavilion
  7. Temple to Friendship
  8. Amphitheatre
  9. Peel Tower
  10. Mausoleum
  11. Fair Vale Pavilion
  12. Round Hall Pavilion
  13. Parents' Memorial
  14. Rossi Pavilion


The Peel Tower (708 Kb)

The Peel TowerThe Peel Tower was built by Vincenzo Brenna in 1795 on the left bank of the river. The name "Peel" may be derived from the Russian verb pilit' (to saw), though it seems more likely that it traces its descent from the English word pillar. A series of documents confirms the existence here of "a water mill" at the end of the eighteenth century. The tower was painted sometime around 1798 (restored in 1971) by Pietro Gonzaga, who created the impression of a ruined medieval tower hastily patched up with boards and planks and adapted for living in. It previously had a thatched roof.


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