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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


  1. The Palace Area
  2. The Private Garden
  3. The Slavianka Valley
  4. The Red Valley
  5. The Old Sylvia
  6. The New Sylvia
  7. The White Birch Area
  8. The Parade Ground
  9. The Great Star
  10. The Pond Valley


This area designed by Ch. Cameron, V. Brenna, F. Violle and C. Rossi combines landscape and formal lay-outs and is rich in statuary. Dutch-style parterre patterns decorate the Aviary, Private Garden and Great Circles. The Pavlovsk Palace is a dominating architectural feature and a focal point of the entire park. The Palace houses unique collections of the Russian and West-European decorative art and artists belonging to various schools. The Three Graces Pavilion, Aviary, Dairy, Rossi Pavilion and the Open-Air Theatre are arranged on the area. The Italian Stone Stairway links the Palace Area with the Slavianka Valley.

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