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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


  1. The Palace Area
  2. The Private Garden
  3. The Slavianka Valley
  4. The Red Valley
  5. The Old Sylvia
  6. The New Sylvia
  7. The White Birch Area
  8. The Parade Ground
  9. The Great Star
  10. The Pond Valley


The Red valleyThe Red (Fair) Valley completes the region of Slavianka River. It was called so after the beauty of its views. This is the culmination of the outstanding decorative proficiency of P. Gonzaga.

There are no structures in this region of the Park, except the Fair Vale Pavilion, the New Sylvia Bridge and decorative Ruins. Only natural beauty was used by P. Gonzaga to reach his artistic purposes. He creates unforgettable landscapes by grouping different sorts of trees and bushes, with selected forms and colours. The narrow river with dark, quiet water and old oaks and willows bending over it gives a special charm to the views of the Red Valley.


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