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The Pavlovsk Park
Flora and fauna


  1. The Palace Area
  2. The Private Garden
  3. The Slavianka Valley
  4. The Red Valley
  5. The Old Sylvia
  6. The New Sylvia
  7. The White Birch Area
  8. The Parade Ground
  9. The Great Star
  10. The Pond Valley


THE NEW SYLVIAThe area arranged after V. Brenna's design in 1800 is covered with a dense wood of a geometric-pattern array. Five straight avenues running in parallel are lined with carefully trimmed acacia bushes. The close to each other avenues of the New Sylvia are equidistant; the motif is different in every case. The Mausoleum (architect Thomas de Thomon, 1808) is the only architectural structure here. The Land's End Column, statue of Apollo Mousagetes and the small stone gate diversify the scenery of this part of the park.


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